8 June 2010

Tornado visits Chester

Last weekend the, brand new, steam engine "Tornado" visited Chester.

This engine was actually completed in february of last year, being a completely new build of an A1 class express engine. one of the last classes to be designed by the old LNER, before nationalisation in 1948.

Most of the major classes of British steam engine have examples in preservation, but somehow the A1s slipped through the net.
This is probably why this particular class was chosen for a new build, as enthusiasts realised that the old engines are getting very long in the tooth, and new builds will keep steam operating for years into the future.

Having said that most of the old engines are in far better condition now, than they were when still in use in the final years of steam under British Railways.

I believe that a Great Western Grange class has also been under construction, for a number of years, one of the few other higher profile locos that doesn't have a surviving example.

I am lucky, living in Chester, as we get regular steam visitors, many of which carry on down the picturesque North Wales coast.

Sorry this isn't a great quality photo.
I took it with my mobile/cell phone, and couldn't see a thing in the screen, because of the strong sunlight. It was just point and hope.

Hope this post is of interest to any of you who remember the days when these, almost living, machines ruled the rails.

If you would like to see Tornado in action there are a whole host of videos on YouTube.

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18 March 2010

Ski-ing and Euromillions

Yes it’s time to grab the ski gear, head for the slopes again, and marvel at the changing weather The Alps can throw at you.
When I arrived, in Le Clusaz, it was about 10 below, and my friend who’s here for the season told me that the weather had been awful with hardly any sunshine at all.

The forecast was for more drab conditions for the foreseeable future, but miracle of miracles, it was completely wrong, and the weather has got sunnier and warmer, ever since I arrived.
The downside is the snow will soon need a refreshing dump, not the rain that is likely to arrive.

My legs are too old to ski every day, so here is a picture of me posing by the lake, on an afternoon out at nearby Annecy, a favourite haunt.
This was followed by a visit to an Indian restaurant, but it was mediocre fair compared with what they serve up in England.

Still Playing While I’m Away

Because I play with e-lottery, my weekly entry in Euromillions is taken care of automatically, and the results are sent to my e.mail.
Plus, of course, I am playing “the smarter way,” with both star balls guaranteed, giving me a 3600% greater chance of winning.

If you play Euromillions, UK lotto or the Spanish super draws, why not join an e-lottery syndicate and greatly improve your chances of winning.
Don’t forget 70% of all jackpots are won by syndicates.

Take a look at my site and see all the e-lottery winning advantages, plus the chance to play for nothing and build a lucrative home income.


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22 January 2010

A Lull Between The Storms

Just a quick post to show a couple of pictures of the snow we had, earlier this month.

The top one is a view along the disused railway track, that passes behind our bungalow, and stretches just over the Welsh border, meeting the River Dee nr Queensferry. It was a nice sunny day when my stepmum and I walked along here, but very cold.

The lower one shows some bullocks, foraging in the snow, on the outskirts of Delamere forest, another of our regular haunts.

We are due to have a milder couple of days this weekend, but the cold snap is forecast to return next week. Brrrr

Hope this means that the skiing will be good when I go for a break, [unfortunate choice of words], in March.

5 January 2010

Happy New Year Internet Money Makers

Hope you had a great new year, fellow internet money makers, and are not finding the return to reality too taxing.

Here in Chester we have, luckily, escaped the worst of the snow, so it looks white, but doesn’t stop people getting about.
However, the icy conditions have prevented my step mum and I having our normal quota of walks. Not helpful at the end of the excess eating season.
According to the forecasters, there is no end in site to the current conditions.
This is the coldest winter, in the UK, for 20 years--I blame global warming.

Not Everyone Is Happy

I had a comment left on my Free and Powerful post, that I was only passing on the company’s advertising, in my posts, and not giving proper reviews.

There might be some truth in this, as far as recent posts go, however there are reasons for this.

There have been a number of high profile sites, across the internet lately, that profess to garner sign ups for GDI affiliates.
The snag with these is that existing GDI members would have to rejoin, through these sites, in order to register their usernames there.
Not much use if you already have a downline.

The difference with Free and Powerful is that GDI members can attract members and keep their existing usernames.
To do this all they need to do, is give away the F & P system.
This is all free, though like most programs there is an upgrade, however this is a one off payment- not a monthly fee.

Both free and upgraded members make commissions on sign ups. [$17 and $40 respectively]. Not bad for something you just give away.
Plus, and this is a big plus-- They pay you $50 when you’ve set the program up.
Not everyone does this!!

When I found this program I thought it stood out from the crowd, would be of value to GDI members and was a decent stand alone profit maker.

Therefore I put it straight on the blog, before it became more well known and overexposed.
So far it is doing it’s job for me, bringing in signups, some of whom are joining my downline in GDI. The whole point of the exercise.

The other program I wrote about straight away was TeamworkRevolutionPowerSystem
I was privately invited to join this before prelaunch, and promoted it on the blog the moment it became public.
This gave readers the chance to get in on the ground floor, and benefit from the massive amount of spillover this program provides.

Not an unreasonable thing to do, I hope you’ll agree

Check out the programs discussed, by using the links below.

Free and Powerful
Global Domains International


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24 December 2009

Happy Christmas Everyone

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy Christmas and every success in the new year.

We've had a few inches of snow in the UK, and, as usual, everything has ground to a halt.
Roads are blocked, trains have broken down in the channel tunnel, airports are closed and despite the freeze up, there's still no agreement on global warming.

With thousands of commuters stuck in London, as the electrics failed on the super new trains, a steam train was rustled up to take 100 lucky souls home.

That's technology for you.

Luckily, we've had little snow in our neck of the woods, and I'm glad I no longer have to travel up.

My stepmum and I are safely esconced in our bungalow and won't be sticking our noses out, unless we have to.

Cheers everyone.

13 December 2009

Free and Powerful pays you $50 for joining

That’s right, I have just discovered this, multi-faceted, free program that pays out $50 for joining and following, 3 steps to set it up

The program is called Free and Powerful and has many strings to it’s bow--

Firstly you can earn from $17 - $40 just for giving the program away. Also--

Unlike many of the GDI teams that are all over the exchanges at the moment, you can massively boost your referral rate here, using your existing username. And--

TrafficWave members will receive lead capture pages, they can use to promote any program. Plus--

Video courses on how to advertise on MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and traffic exchanges.

All of the above is free and all steps have easy to follow videos to set you on your way.

If you are struggling for GDI sign ups or are looking for a way to really earn online, please check out the program that can do all this, and gives you $50 to get started--


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3 December 2009

Where Has Twelve Months Gone?

I’ve been living in Chester and caring for my step mum for almost twelve months now.
Can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.

The good thing is my step mum is fitter and is no longer in danger of wasting away.
She wasn’t feeding herself very well when on her own. Now she is in danger of getting on the tubby side. Our regular walks should stop this happening.

On the minus side her memory is gradually getting worse, and it is hard going having the same conversation over and over again, ad nauseum.
However, she is in good spirits, happy, and always wants to be doing something, which is great, though sometimes wearing.

Hope I’m still writing positive thoughts in twelve months time.

TeamworkRevolutionPowerSystem starts 14 day trial.

TWRPS has been launched for almost a month now and pays it’s first commissions, in a few days time.

From 1st of December there is a 14 day free trial, so you can join for 2 weeks and discover the many features on offer, without obligation. You will discover that--

With TWRPS you only need 2 referrals to be in profit - It pays back 97% of all income to members, making it the highest paying affiliate program online. You only need 510 downline members to earn $2,300/month - Compare this to any other MLM payout and you'll see it's MUCH easier (and FASTER!) to achieve a steady monthly payout.

You can also check out the products and features that could take your existing business to another level, including--

Professional Web Hosting with UNLIMITED Features *

Web Hosting Reseller Program

Personal Confirmed Opt-In Email Auto-Responders for members to use as they wish.

Pre-Made Capture Pages

Ability To Create Your Own Capture Pages

Online Conference Rooms

James Al-Oboudi's 24 Page Marketing E-Book

Ongoing Personal Marketing Training Through Support Forum

I hope you are beginning to see what an exciting opportunity is in front of you, especially as you could be one of the founding members of what should be one of the biggest online programs, for years to come.

To Check Out TWRPS Please Click Here

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12 November 2009

Does Your Autoresponder Give You Value For Money?

I have already explained how the TrafficWave auto responder can quickly pay for itself, and generate it’s own affiliate income so much faster than it’s most obvious rivals.

However, if you are already using Aweber, GetResponse etc. is it worth the hassle of changing, when your main objective is promoting your primary business, and the best way to advertise it, to your list?

The answer to this is YES, Why? Simple--
Trafficwave is much better value for money.

Don’t believe me? CHECK THE FIGURES HERE

As you can see, there is little comparison between TrafficWave’s flat rate, whatever the list size, and the constantly growing demands from it’s rivals, as you post to a greater number of people.


If you are worried about whether TrafficWave can deliver and It‘s sender reputation, you can find out all you need to know by CLICKING HERE

Hopefully you can now see how you can have the benefits of a high quality auto responder, and save money too.


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3 November 2009

Catch A Cascade Of Spillover With TeamworkRevolutionPowerSystem

I have just received the latest news from TeamworkRevolutionPowerSystem and it throws up an unbelievable chance for anyone to make money if they are prepared to grab it.

Firstly this program has attracted 5x the number of people that the owner expected, about 32,000.
But here is the amazing thing. Apparently a number of top marketers, with contact lists of over 100,000 each, have been sitting on the sidelines because they can’t believe that anyone will pay out 96.8% of revenue.
As soon as they are convinced they will promote the program to their lists of hundreds of thousands of contacts.

Why should I be getting excited about this?
Well, because of the way the forced matrix works, your first level consists of only 2 people and everybody else spills over to 8 levels. This makes it much easier to fill up a matrix than with any other program, bringing you a potential $2300 per month. You also need far fewer sign ups than with any other program.
Personally, I have around 90 in my matrix so far, mostly from spillover.

So, here is what I think.
Anyone who joins now will be in ahead of these gurus, and when they promote to their lists, there will be masses of spillover which will cascade into the existing matrixes, including YOURS.

All you need is 3 or more in there and you’re on your war to big profits, virtually guaranteed, I would have thought.
Plus, for those who want to make the really big money you can have as many matrixes as you want.
Eg: Ten matrixes would bring in-- 10x$2300=$23,000 per month, when filled.

I realize that the program isn’t free, but you really do have to speculate to accumulate, and I believe that, with TWRPS, the odds are really stacked in our favour.


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12 October 2009

Teamwork Revolution Power System Launch Put Back To Nov. 7th.

Yes, Teamwork Revolution Power System has put back it’s launch date until Nov 7th.
Apparently the well known money processing system [not Paypal] they were planning to use has reneged on the charges it had agreed, and have found it is not useable by people from many countries around the world.
TWRPS say they have a written agreement, which the processing company have completely disregarded, and are charging around 2 and a half times as much, per transaction than agreed. Therefore TRWPS are going to set up their own processor, or find a better alternative, forcing them to put back their full public launch.

This gives a golden opportunity to those who have not yet joined to get in while still in prelaunch, and be near the top of the matrix “where most of the big earners are”
Imagine if you’d joined GDI in prelaunch, how well you might be doing now.
TWRPS has a much more, money making friendly, matrix than GDI, and it will be easier to quickly get into profit with it.

Once you find 2 sign ups you are breaking even and on your way to a possible $2300 per month. The incredible spillover with this system will make it much easier to fill the 2x8 matrix than with any program, ever devised. Plus, you can have as many matrixes as you like, once fully launched.

This isn’t just an affiliate program though.
It comes with website hosting, domain registering, website building, an auto responder, the chance to run your own hosting company, and much more.

Why not lock in your position now, and have a good look round and see the potential and all the benefits of TWRPS, for yourself

Secure Your Position Here

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4 October 2009

Don’t Miss Out on El Gordo--The BIG One.

El Gordo is the BIG one--The game everyone wants to play.

With a prize fund of 2 billion euros this draw is so popular that last year e-lottery sold out in just 17 days. These tickets are like gold dust.
Act fast and be guaranteed a cash prize, plus an entry in a free draw to win a BMW mini.

Grab Your Entry Here

My Stepmum Took A Photo!

My stepmum has been trying to take my photo, with my phone for ages.
I could post a selection of pictures of my feet, the road, the sky or the nearest hedge, but this time success. An actual picture with me on it.

Yesterday was really blustery, so we went out late afternoon and had a meander along the bit of the canal that heads out of town.
So here are both of us perched on a lock gate.

26 September 2009

Suspension Bridge In Hollyoaks

Pictured-Suspension bridge from Groves

Those of you who live in the UK, or any other country that screens the teen soap Hollyoaks will be familiar with the suspension bridge that spans the river Dee in Chester.

This features in the opening credits and sometimes in scenes during the program.
The present structure was opened in 1923, replacing the original which was built in 1852, allowing people to cross from the popular Groves area, with it’s bandstand and cafes to the Handbridge area and the riverside walks on that side.

The reason for these photos is that as a variation on the walks I do with my step mum, sometimes we set off from the bridge and follow the side of the river away from town, and walk alongside a large open area, called The Meadows and out into open countryside. We pass joggers, dog walkers, cyclists, grazing cows and horses, couples who seem to have the need to sunbathe under a large towel, and at this time of year, students who are taking their first forays into rowing, which can be quite amusing.

Below Left--Away from Groves with meadows in distance, Right--Groves from bridge.

Still getting spillover

My downline in Teamworkrevolution Powersystem is growing all the time.
What seems to be happening is that each person has two others spilled in below them in level 1, the same thing happens to them and so on.
This means that during prelaunch at least, our downlines are growing with minimum effort.

There are still ten days left to lock in your position, near the top, and have a downline in place on launch day.

Don’t waste time, Secure your position here

22 September 2009

How To Promote Your Business With Facebook

Some marketers think social networking sites are a useful tool for finding signups, others think they are a waste of time. Therefore, it will probably depend on how we use them.

While looking at ways to promote TeamWorkRevolutionPowerSystem I came across an authoritive looking post on this subject by Kevin Fox.

Here is a copy of the post, which can obviously be used to promote any program you choose.

1.) Start a new FACEBOOK, dont use yours with all your friends. Create a facebook geared directly for promoting and business oriented people.

2.) Whether advertising on YOUTUBE, TWITTER, Forums, or anywhere else add your Facebook Link. If people dont want to sign up to your business at this time. At least they may add you to their facebook. You can also see who’s friends of other marketers. You can add up to 50 people personally a Day without Facebook banning your account.

3.) Now the fun part. Facebook will now give you leads! Facebook starts to recommend people for you depending on how many mutal friends you have. Guaranteed if you have 200 Facebook freinds and they are all business and someone has 100 of the same friends that they are a marketers too. This is the reason I say start a new facebook account. Also you can use your original to talk to your friends and family.

4.) Facebook is great as well because if you have some emails kicking around and don’t want to SPAM people. Put those emails into your facebook add friend box. Then you can type all day links on your own wall and all those people that have accepted your friend invite will see it. This is much like an opt in list.

5.) Once you hit 200-400 marketing friends you start to see results and sign ups (personal experience).

As a BONUS link your Facebook and Twitter accounts together. To do this while logged into facebook. Click on the SEARCH box and type in twitter. find that application and install. Now whenever you type on twitter it shows up on facebook.

Now all you have to do is find a Twitter auto tweeter and your Twitter and Facebook are autonomous and work all day long for you.

This is all FREE and a great resource for any beginning marketer. YOU HAVE TO GET FACEBOOK!! If you want to start building your list my business Facebook is Kevinfox2009@gmail.com any friends on that account are ALL PROMOTERS and Marketers.

So there you go. It’s extremely easy to find hundreds of other marketers once you’ve become friends with your first one.

Update On TWR Power System

As I said in my last post, the spillover in this program is incredible.
I have around 50 sign ups, and have to admit that they haven’t all come from my own efforts.

It’s still not to late to lock in your position, before the full launch on 7th October, putting yourself near the top of the matrix, where most of the money is made.
If you haven’t got at least 2 sign ups by then you can always pull out.
But the chances are you will have plenty and already be on your way to a decent profit.

It’s also worth looking at what the program has to offer, as there is plenty on there that will be of use to most marketers.

Suss out TeamWorkRevolutionPowerSystem Here

We Got Invited Onto A boat

I’ve been caring for my stepmother since last Christmas, and regular readers will know that our main recreation is going for walks along the local canal towpaths, and in the nearby forest at Delamere.
We usually do about three miles then collapse in a local inn for some amber medicine.
[Today this was Robinson’s Unicorn, an excellent bitter--my step mum has lager and lime]

Yesterday was gloriously sunny and we got talking to a middle aged couple who had started living on a short boat. This is a half sized narrow boat.
They reckon this is more cosy than a normal long one, as “those are all corridor with not much in them“. Not sure about that from what I’ve seen.

Anyway, out of all the interesting people we’ve met on our walks, these were the first to invite us on board. They were also the first boat people we’ve seen who didn’t have the obligatory pooch.

Yes, it was indeed cosy, with a wood burning stove in the corner.
There were attractive wood paneled walls, a cooker, fridge and sofa/bed all in the one small area. It was much more homely than the average caravan or trailer, but you’d certainly need to get on well to live together in this amount of space..

The couple had only had the boat 6 weeks and absolutely loved it, but unfortunately were not in the best physical shape to manage the many lock gates, whenever they decided to move. The gentleman had swollen hands, I think from arthritis, while his lady friend was waiting for an ankle operation and was on crutches.

What a shame. They loved the life, plus this is the cheapest way to live that is possible.
I guess they just hadn’t reckoned how physical this lifestyle can be.

Anyway, they haven’t made any decisions yet, and all we could do was wish them luck and thank them for their hospitality.
Hopefully we’ll see them again and find out how things are working out.

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9 September 2009

Unique Chance To Join Matrix At The Top

“You are here to take part in the very beginning of what will soon revolutionize the MLM and affiliate marketing world forever.”

So says the sales site for Teamwork Revolution Power System, the latest site that is going to “change the way we do internet marketing forever”

The system includes a 2x8 forced matrix with “spillover that is impossible to beat.”

This is all very well, I here you saying, but the people who make the money are the ones at the top of the matrix and the site owners. You’re probably right, BUT--

Here’s the exciting thing, I have been privately invited to get in at the very top.
Somebody thinks I am a top marketer, which I’m not compared with some of the people on here who have 6 figure lists, but it’s extremely flattering, and also possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to play with the big boys right at the top.

So, how does this affect you.
Well the program goes into official prelaunch today 9th September 2009, and starts up properly in October.
This means that anyone who gets in quickly, RIGHT NOW, is going to also be amongst the people right at the top of the matrix, and be positioned to get a large slice of the pie, once the thousands of people who join these programs, start to sign up.

So don’t dither, click this link and secure your position:-

Like to know a bit more?
The first thing that stands out when you look at the program, is that the owners are paying affiliates a higher rate than they are paying themselves. A refreshing change, I think.
Then there is there is a whole host of features that come with the package.

*Web hosting for your site or blog

*Site building facility

*Built in auto responder, with follow up letters, to promote TWRPS

*Capture pages for above

*Run your own web hosting program

*online conference room

*personal marketing training forum

And much more.

As you can see, TWRPS is rich with goodies, and not just one of those programs that has no content or product, and are just glorified chain letters.

Therefore, I urge you to lock in your position, before the rush, and this time be well ahead of the game.

PS I have a downline of 13, just from spillover, before I’ve even started any advertising.

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27 August 2009

My Autoresponder Pays For Itself

I have been back from my holiday for a while now and am well settled in the old routine.

My step mum is still quite fit for somebody in their eighties, though a lot of the time she doesn’t realise how old she is. However she can still manage 2 or 3 hours walking, most days, and really enjoys it. She has to be doing something, most of the time.
Unfortunately, a few hours later, she can’t remember any of it.
This does have the advantage of my being able to repeat the walks, every few days, and it’s all a new experience for her.

Enjoyed my time in Le Cluzas--Ski resorts are busy places in the summer, especially in august, in France, The place is full of families and the activity areas and swimming pool do a brisk trade.
Other popular pursuits are walking, paragliding, horse riding and tasting the local cheeses, which include reblochon and tomme de Savoie.
Plus, there is an endless stream of mega fit cyclists huffing and puffing over the cols.

For a more relaxed day we regularly go to the lake at Annecy to sunbathe and swim.
We also visited some friends at Evian, who have a house on the side of Lake Leman, which looks out at Lucerne, 5 miles across the water.

The featured photos are of Le Clusaz, which you can tell by the trees, is not one of the higher ski resorts/stations.

As for internet marketing I am happy to concentrate on letting one of my capture pages for TrafficExchangeProfits, do most of the work for me.
Anyone who clicks one of these can receive the free report which shows you how to organize your traffic exchanges to get maximum results, and just advertise one program.

Having said that, although TrafficWave is recommended within the TEP report, I have decided that it is such a good program that I am advertising it separately.

Why is this? Well any marketer will tell you that you must have an auto responder to be successful.
Many use Aweber or Getresponse which are fine.

However, auto responders do cost money, but TrafficWave is very reasonably priced and has by far the best affiliate program.
Aweber pays 2 levels deep, Getresponse 1, compared with Trafficwave which has a forced matrix which is 10 levels deep. Some people are making more from this than from their primary business.
TrafficWave has it’s own video capture page, with 5 follow up messages, which means most of the work is done for you.

I have listed some of TrafficWave’s main features previously, but to see them all for yourself, please take a few minutes to read my main affiliate page.

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19 July 2009

Does Grammar Affect Your Website Ranking?

One of the things I regularly notice when surfing websites is a lot of them contain poor grammar and spelling mistakes. It also seems common to use i instead of I, a very basic error. Some sites even seem to consist entirely of text speak.
I’m not saying that everything is perfect on here, but I do try.

Why do I bring this up?
Well sometimes I’ve mentioned this while reviewing a site with poor grammar on Link Referral. Some of the sites are so bad, they’re almost unreadable.
I appreciate that English is not everyone’s first language, and I applaud those, for whom it isn’t, that are making an effort.

However, when I’ve mentioned grammar in my reviews, some people have replied that it doesn’t matter.
I’ve wondered about this but still think sites with bad grammar look unprofessional and will put many people off.

The catalyst for writing this arrived a few days ago from LeadsLeap, in the shape of a blog post entitled
“Delisted from Google--Why?”

Apparently Google delists sites with bad syntax, spelling mistakes and poor grammar because these are often used by spammers and hackers.

I recommend anyone who has a blog or website to read this post from Leads Leap, if you’re worried it could happen to you.

As I’ve said before Leads Leap is worth joining for the newsletter it sends out, before you even take the free, viral exposure, your site can get, into consideration.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following my efforts on here, I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks on Wednesday, and apologise if I don’t post during this period.

Having got a large part of my endeavours organized through TrafficExchangeProfits I don’t have to worry too much about being offline for a few days.

Happy Holidays [Vacations]

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